The benefits of a goggle… without the strap.
  • Undercover pioneered the Gasket Series 18 years ago.
  • We offer the largest and best-selling selection of Gaskets available!
  • Over 4 dozen best-selling styles and shatter-proof lens combinations!

The Standard
$14.99 - $19.99

Flame Gasket

$14.99 - $19.99

Sleek 9902
$14.99 - $17.99

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Although our sports eyewear is intended to offer protection against impact, there is always the possibility that the wearer may sustain an eye or facial injury due to severe impact or because of the nature of the athletic activity. Many styles of our eyewear feature polycarbonate lenses which provide a higher degree of protection than lenses of other materials, but these do not replace the protection afforded by helmets with lexan shields or visors. If the eyewear frame or lens incurs a severe impact or is neglected or misused, the degree of protection provided may be reduced. In any case, the frame must be replaced. Failure to do so may result in injury.

The Designer, Manufacturer and Distributor do not claim that any eyewear is unbreakable or eliminates the possibility of eye or facial injury.

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